Thursday, January 14, 2016

Traveling - Eating in Style

Sometimes one just needs to go with the flow and throw caution to the wind.

This past week has been just that.

Every meal in a restaurant - and some very nice ones at that. I didn't want to say no... so I said a few yeses! Knowing full well the potential implications...

Case in point, last nights dinner, at a french restaurant, Le Corange, was superb! I'm fairly certain that I consumed a weeks worth of calories in just one meal.

Care to dine vicariously?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Resolution Update

Here's my report card for 2015 versus the original goals that I set for myself. 

Teresa Marie's New Leaf Goals - 2015

  • EXCELLENT: Maintain eating/workout plan to support 1-2#/wk average.  Towards the end of the year around the holidays this was a bit of a challenge - but no day was too high. My weight loss has been 1-2#/week all year. Yup 96# lost! Whoo Hoo! Consider this goal attained! Will stick to the plan going forward - with expectation of continued progress albeit at a slower rate as I reach my final goal.
Teresa Marie's Weight Loss Progress in 2015