Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gurl, Where have you been?

Wow, has it been a month since I last posted? 

The good news is that I saw the scale dip to 159#!! Woo Hoo I was very happy by that. Then - life happened and I crept back up into the 160's. It wasn't a surprise - I know fully well the implications of my food choices and exercise plan. 

My baby - watching out for intruders
After my work trip to Germany I started juicing - bought a NutriBullet and have been using it religiously. It's been fun and I've gotten very creative. Yes, I've had spinach, tofu, wheat grass smoothies for breakfast. That said, I was putting in fruit each time and that was a great deal more sugar that I had been eating previously. A good way to shake up my eating plan.

So for the past month - I've maintained or sadly gone up by a few pounds. 

Including a nice picture of my Chow-German Shepherd who should be on an eating and exercise plan - her Dr. wants her to lose 8 pounds.