Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gurl, Where have you been?

Wow, has it been a month since I last posted? 

The good news is that I saw the scale dip to 159#!! Woo Hoo I was very happy by that. Then - life happened and I crept back up into the 160's. It wasn't a surprise - I know fully well the implications of my food choices and exercise plan. 

My baby - watching out for intruders
After my work trip to Germany I started juicing - bought a NutriBullet and have been using it religiously. It's been fun and I've gotten very creative. Yes, I've had spinach, tofu, wheat grass smoothies for breakfast. That said, I was putting in fruit each time and that was a great deal more sugar that I had been eating previously. A good way to shake up my eating plan.

So for the past month - I've maintained or sadly gone up by a few pounds. 

Including a nice picture of my Chow-German Shepherd who should be on an eating and exercise plan - her Dr. wants her to lose 8 pounds. 

This past weekend I went to visit family. My older sister and I together might be an "average" woman. While I've always been overweight - she has always been underweight. While I complain about finding attractive extra-large clothing, she is trying to appear mature while shopping in the children's department. I suffer the ails of too much weight - she suffers the ails of being underweight. 

I set her up with an account to track her food on MyFitnessPal. She survives on on carbs and sugar. This girl needs some protein! It was hilarious in that she didn't want to share her food diary with me because of how much and what she eats. Seriously? Your plan is your plan. I watch people eating every day :) 

On the exercise front - I'm eager to get into a regular plan of Spin and Yoga; in addition to my weekly trainer sessions. I think that it would be good for me to add a strength training session independent of this. Only working out with a training on strength once a week is a noticeable difference! Meaning - I'm not as able / strong as I was. Boo! OK time to get in shape for gardening season!

I've also put on the horizon - a long bike trip. In May I want to bike 160 miles in two days. That would be my first century ride! Thinking about one of the Rails-to-Trails in Wisconsin. To do this - I need to give myself over to training for this event. Dang - I'm going to be a biker gurl!!!

Also in my future is booking the spa day treat I have from Five seasons. I want to use this as a reward - which means meeting a milestone of goal. For me that goal is 101 pounds lost. Driving to that goal slowly. 

Thank you all!

Teresa Marie

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