Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sitting on the Fence

I have not lost any weight in months.

I'm in a very odd situation - on the one hand I have only a small distance to go to make my desired weight goal; on the other hand I'm feeling pretty good about where I'm at. It might not sound like those are at odds - but they are. When I was 100 pounds overweight it was easy to see that I needed to make big changes. Now it is even harder to stay focused plus everything that was working to drop pounds before - isn't working now.

I'm on the fence and it's uncomfortable - I want to move forward (which is downward) but my mind and my body are fighting me. I know my past and I'm looking over to the greener grass in my potential future. 

I am now at a weight where I've been most often at the bottom of my weight loss swings. 30 years ago I was at this weight for a long stretch. Holding steady at 20-25 pounds over weight. I think my body is happy here. Maybe has that memory. It seems like it's driving me to eat to maintain this weight. Evil invader within. For example - a week or so ago I started craving chocolate. While this might not seem odd - I haven't ever liked chocolate. The smell of it would typically make me slightly nauseous. But now, hum, it's looking pretty tempting! Ouch - when did that happen.  Ditto with carb cravings - totally out of control. 

Intellectually I understand what I need to do. Stick to the plan. Make good food choices and shake up the workout routine. Yup - I have good intentions to workout 6/week and kick through this. 

People have often asked me how I stay motivated to stay on track - I respond that I have not been motivated. I've been committed and dedicated to making good choices. Now I'm feeling like I need a little motivation or inspiration. 

I'm rereading my own blog let's me know that I can do this...

Teresa Marie

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