Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stress, Travel, & Biking

(Photo: Indoor Cycling Assoc. Website)
The past few months have been full of unusual and challenging events.  I like to think that I'm very good at handling stress - but my limits have been tested. 

What's happening...I have been to two family funerals, gone through job changes, new bosses, had a major shift to financial situation, major home remodeling and repair, supported kids through tough times, and yes, sad to say eaten my stress.

Here I am with my sister - Little Linda at the funerals. In the photo on the right I just hate how I look in comparison to her and what I had most recently achieved (how I see myself)

I've been to Europe several times for work in the past month - and eaten my stress, on expense account, in some really nice restaurants like this one in Germany which was in an old church. Yum. 

All the travel and being out of town has made me miss several appointments with  my trainer - it's almost as if I'm starting at zero each week. I wish I could double down when I am in town that would be nice. 

And thus I've gained weight and my shape is changing ((*^Y$(()@$#%) that is also a cause of stress! I had to dip back into the closet to pull out clothes from last summer which is so sad.  I'd say I'm up about 20 pounds. I haven't stepped on the scale. My clothing fit is telling me everything I need to know.

No more "skinny" or "you look cute" comments coming my way.

The good news is that I am biking as the weather has gotten nicer. I bike into work at least once a week - which is 25 miles round trip. Last Saturday I biked the furthest I've ever done in one ride - 31.5 miles (ok 31.49 indulge me to round that up!) I wasn't fast although I did chuckle when I passed one rider. It felt so awesome to ride that far so early in the morning - and then still have a busy productive day as well!

This coming week I'm traveling again. I am planning on getting in my exercise by riding in a charity event. I'm very nervous about using a rental bike and riding on unfamiliar terrain and in a crowd. On Sunday I had my first fall on the bike (started using clips which contributed to that) and I thank the heavens that I was wearing a helmet; I think I have whiplash. Anyway, the event, Cycle Ataxia is the Dublin Ireland version of a Chicago ride (Ride Ataxia) in July '15. I was so excited to ride 12 miles then! Times they are a changing! This weekend I'm riding 50 KM or ~30 miles through Ireland. I hope I get to enjoy the ride, view, and team without issue or injury.

Wish me luck!

Teresa Marie

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