Monday, December 7, 2015

Holding Steady - Holiday Presents Come Early!

This past week was a bit of a come down after the super active week last week. I made it to the club twice, got in my steps, and spent most of my spare time cleaning in preparation for the holidays. Cleaning - dang, it should be done every few months or so :)

This week I'm getting excited, and a bit panicked, about participating in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk Supporting the Arthritis Foundation - coming up later this week in Chicago. I hope the weather holds. I signed up for a 10k. Let's see if I can run more of it this time! Anyway it will be a good workout. I should be moving faster just to stay warm. 

Should be easier given the weight loss and strength I've gained this year - just worry a tad about those pesky bunions!

Here's a quick before and after shot of me with Lina from Five Seasons! In the shot on the right I had lost 16 pounds; on the right I'm down 95 pounds. Can I lost 100 pounds in a year? Maybe - coming pretty darn close!

80 Pound Difference - Left to Right! Wow 2015 Down is Good

OK onto the numbers for the week...

Today I learned that I will be treated to a "spa day" at Five Seasons. Looking forward to that treat to end out the year. 

This past weekend I went clothes shopping - even though I still have boxes of small sizes at home. Yes down to size 8 waiting for me. 

I went into the "designer" section on a whim. I pulled out a pair of medium neoprene/pleather pants and matching top. WOW - they fit! It's not the right look for me, but I was happy. That's a NSV for sure. 

Maybe there are leather pants in my future; although I'm sure my kids will say I'm too old for that. 

Good things are happening!

Next year will be awesome. I have 56 more weeks of working out! THANK YOU!!!! That's the best present. 

Those numbers...

What will 2016 bring? New adventures, greater progress, insights, fun? 
Most definitely! 

Don't wait until New Year's. Change begins with Choice!

Teresa Marie

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