Monday, December 14, 2015

United Center Outtings and Spinning :)

This past week was highly eventful - and I tried my best to behave. But every now and then... :)

For work I attended two events at the United Center - a Bulls game and a Blackhawks game.

Such fun.

While I started the evenings eating the raw veggies and avoiding all carbs and alcohol. You know that didn't last too long. Great time out and fun - without too much overage in the calorie department. It was somewhat shocking at the end of the day to log all those calories and find out in 5 weeks I would gain 10 pounds :( if all my days were like that.

It was a great reminder that just a year ago - all my days were like that! I was on an upward trajectory.

No more - Change = Choice!

Here is a shot of us having fun at the Blackhawks game.

In other news, I haven't been out on my bike in a while. It's been pulled up to the ceiling for storage which makes it a bit cumbersome to get down to ride. Yup - that's my excuse. It's not too cold to ride. No snow or ice yet that would make it too scary for me. Working out has suffered - I much prefer to be outside doing something versus inside.

This past weekend when my baby was in town for a visit. He helped me explore new options.

He came to work out with my trainer one day - then the next day he went with me to my first spin class.

Post 1st Spin Class - Dec. 2015
Wow - spin is a good workout. When I bike outside I do not, as a general rule, get my butt out of the seat. Not so at spin! It's easier because you don't have to also balance the bike. Much higher resistance and speed in class.

Went back the next day for another try :)

My son declared the spin classes"not what he was used to" LOL. Mostly he thought the music was not loud enough nor up beat enough.

Spin will be a good add to my routine. Meet some new folks and get in shape for riding next spring. I can see how regular spin could make me faster and better on the hills IRL.

OK - here were the numbers for the past week.

While I did not lost any weight - I dropped 2% in body fat this past month! That's awesome. Building muscle works too! It's not all about the scale.

Take Care;

Teresa Marie

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