Friday, January 27, 2017

Getting out - Keep Moving

Hey there - Happy Friday!

Today is good - I am wearing jeans that I'd recently put in the "too-small" pile which demonstrates to me (once again) that healthy eating and exercise get results! My simple formula for success. 

Teresa Marie - Circa 1975
I have been working out 3-4/week and maintaining 1200 cal diet. For breakfast I have abandoned tofu (shock!) and now having a protein shake. It's much faster to make and so easy to do with apple juice or frozen fruit. Salads for lunch every day. Whatever protein and veg for dinner. That's the plan.

Tonight I'm going out to a Disco party! Local band/bar - should be fun. Disco is my main play-list when I'm biking. So energizing! When disco was hot and Travolta was dancing in the films I was living in Mexico; hitting the dance clubs practically every night. Wow - that was a L-O-N-G time ago! Very fun times and great memories.

This photo is approximately from that period. Throw-Back! Check out the bell-bottoms and the platform shoes (which I'm not wearing because that made me too tall compared to my Grandmother who was 4'9") 

Happy Day!

Teresa Marie

Monday, January 16, 2017

Giving It All Away

Anyone out there a Gilmore Girls Fan? Did you see the latest updates on Netflix? Emily Gilmore decides that none of her old things "give her joy" anymore and makes a massive purge of her wardrobe, house, and life.

In a similar light - the past few weeks I have gone through my closets and tossed out everything that I didn't love all those things that I wore just because they could fit me. Plus I tossed everything that was too big for me at this very moment. Everything. There are no more size 18, 20, 22, or 24 in the house! There is no going back there - only down for me thank you.

I put al the dress clothing on hangers and dropped it off at Dress for Success in Chicago. Their website said they were in great need of plus sized business appropriate clothing. Saturday was a lucky day for them. When I did the drop off the volunteer was so happy - that  made me happy too!

Today checking out OA meetings. See if that makes sense for me...

Happy Monday;

Teresa Marie

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year - New Life

The sun is slowly rising over the parking lot and I'm taking a tad of a break in my morning to dash out this blog update. It's a great view to reflect on the massive changes that have happened over the past two years. Like the sun coming up on a new day - I feel renewed this year.

Over the holidays I was fortunate to head to Colorado for some R&R. I did partake in an activity totally new to me - Dogsledding! Boy these little dogs love to run and were a great example of happy and strong! More importantly I had lots of time to reflect on where I've been and where I'm going!

2015 was my year to turn over a new leaf and make healthy choices for my life. It wasn't a New Year's Resolution - it was a step-change in my behavior and the start of new choices and habits. Hopefully for the rest of my life - which will be a tad longer as I've gotten healthier! My focus was getting stronger - which at the time meant physically stronger. I was single minded in my focus and as a result lost nearly 90 pounds that year.