Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm So Bad!!!

After nearly a year of making great choices - this past few weeks have been extremely challenging!

After sporting events, holiday parties at work, going away parties, neighborhood get together, entertaining.... seems like an old friend has come home for a visit.

That old friend is CARBS! ARGH. I thought I had broken up with you for good. How did you find me? I think it started with Chips and Salsa at a recent Bulls event. Last item was a pumpkin cake - to die for! You are wicked and evil. I'm so bad.


After sharing with my son my recent food issues - he sent me this link - to Amy Schumer moment to the right. Hey - what's she doing inside my head for inspiration! Guess this means I'm not alone here. Had to share with my besties! My  girl friend said "Do we sound like that?" then paused and said "maybe yes!"

OK onto the numbers from last week. Scarily one day after logging my meals the tracker said if everyday was like that day I would gain 12 pounds in 5 weeks! Ouch. Reality time.

OK I got in my 10K steps per day - which of note I had previously indicated is no longer sufficient for my goals but...

Note - high calories intake and super low exercise level! Not a good combination for my life. No weigh in this week as I wasn't at the club early morning. I can tell I've got at least some water gail going - my rings are not fitting :(

No rationalizing, no deal making, no delay.
It's not funny.

Back at it.

Teresa Marie

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