Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 5 - 6/105: Opening up the Club

Wake Up Sleepy Head...

Day 4 -

Start the day before the sun comes up. Get to the club for a 5:30A session with my trainer. I am turning on the lights at the gym.

Feels like my private place. Sweat but no tears :) Although we used the dreaded TRX (which after last time my knee was out of sorts for a month or so - no direct cause  / effect noted perhaps just timing) it was all good!

Day 4 summary: Net Calories  947; steps 8,2182

Day 5 - Again start the day off working out at the club - a late start today, 6AM. Tonight was going out with my girlfriend to workout - however we did end up at the bar, but this after a brisk walk. Even with the martinis - maintained calorie intake for the day! At work a girlfriend gave me a Paleo Cookbook - she swears by it. So this can be some weekend reading.

Day 5 summary: Net Calories 1,010; steps 9,647

OK Back to work and sadly planning another business trip....

Take it away Willie: On the Road Again, Just can't wait to get on the road again.... (Not!)

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