Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 7-8/105 Days - Rolling HIlls

Day 7 - Friday

Rest Day - every body needs one! Today was mine. Had a meeting in the office in the early AM and then worked the rest of the day at home. Made some big decisions on things around the house - and then putz around getting ready for my ride in the morning. Eating on Track! Great Day!

Day 7 Summary: Net Calories  762; steps 12,773

Day 8 - Saturday

Bike Ride Views - Aug 2016, Illinois
The day of the big ride! My new bike buddy Holly and I took off at dawn to partake in the Tour Of Scenic Ogle County bike ride.  It's 2 hours west of Chicago - and wow what a different it makes in topography. I indulged in a Vente Soy Latte knowing there was a big workout ahead of me!

When I initially looked at the route I thought that there were not many steep bits so it would be OK. Now having ridden it - I notice that the first 4.5 miles are all uphill and the uphill has hills! Then even when it is downhill the downhill has hills. This went on for 3 hours! The never ending Spin Class! Everyone seemed to really be enjoying that - Not! My buddy was exceptional at keeping me motivated!  The blue line at the bottom of the photo is my speed over time... up hill aka 3-6 mph, downhill aka 18-32 mph, flat aka 10-15 mph...

It was an awesome energy burner! Plus we biked past the Naschua Grasslands Tall Grass Prairie complete with Bison - so you know I loved that.  You can barely make out the bison dots in the middle photo above.  I definitely burned off the cookies I ate at those rest stops...

Day 8 Summary: Net Calories  829; steps 30,883

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