Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 2/105 - Bike Wisconsin

For Day 2 of my run to the end of the year I went to Wisconsin. 
Apple Holler - Asian Pears :)

The first part of the day was a walk through the orchards at Apple Holler - wow this pace was crowded! none the less a nice opportunity for real time apple tasting and testing. I really like the Honey Crisp. Also fell in love with Asian Pears - later this week time to make some pear tart of pear/apple sauce.

After that, met up with my new bike pal, Holly, and we biked the Pike Trail and County Line Trail. Super weather and nice time biking along the lake and the marina was beautiful. Sadly fell a few times - at one point breaking the seat stem on the bike! Luckily found an open bike shop only 5 miles off the route. In total we biked just over 22 miles. All good.

Daily summary: Net Calories - 400, Steps 15,200 :)

Another good day!

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