Monday, December 29, 2014

Turning Over a New Leaf

Happy December day!

The term "turning over a new leaf," in it's origins, meant turning to a new page. The term leaf was synonymous with page.  Over time the phrase has come to mean a new beginning. This is the context in which I use the term to name my this blog. 

I'm turning over a new leaf. For one - it's keeping public blog about my journey. And the second trick - will be the journey itself. I am going to get strong, fit, and active again.


As the dictionary says:
fit –adjective
1. adapted or suited; appropriate:
2. proper or becoming: fit
3. qualified or competent: a fit candidate
4. prepared or ready
5. in good physical condition; in good health

I want to be well suited for the rest of my life - in mind, spirit, and body. I want to fit into society emotionally and physically. I want to be more competent (and comfortable) in my own skin and in the roles I play in life. I want to be ready to take on new challenges - and not shy away from life because of how I feel. And I want to be in good health to prolong my life. I want to be a stronger role model for my family. 

So for me - what does that mean? Details and goals will be developed and shared in the days ahead.

I started eating better and walking 10k steps per day a few days ago. It was December 21, 2014 at 6:00 AM. The journey began.

Teresa Marie

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