Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Resolution Update

Here's my report card for 2015 versus the original goals that I set for myself. 

Teresa Marie's New Leaf Goals - 2015

  • EXCELLENT: Maintain eating/workout plan to support 1-2#/wk average.  Towards the end of the year around the holidays this was a bit of a challenge - but no day was too high. My weight loss has been 1-2#/week all year. Yup 96# lost! Whoo Hoo! Consider this goal attained! Will stick to the plan going forward - with expectation of continued progress albeit at a slower rate as I reach my final goal.
Teresa Marie's Weight Loss Progress in 2015
  • EXCELLENT: 10K# steps a day In Jan-2015 this was a challenge goal for me. Now at the end of the year if I'm not waling at least 10K a day it seems off. I have days where I hit 20K or more regularly. Tracking my steps and trying for 10K is no longer a sufficient goal for me. Steps alone are not a good indicator of my cardio activity. Will revise for 2016 and forward.
  • EXCELLENT: Drop 3-4 sizes by May ​29, 10 sizes by Dec.  Done!  My hips and waist are 26% smaller than at the first of the 2015. Working out has changed my shape dramatically. From a size 24W to a size 10. Or XXL to S/M. Such a big change. Finally getting back into some vintage clothes that have been in my closet forever! 
  • EXCELLENTWear High Heeled Shoes. This goal was about ankle strength and balance - full recovery from a broken ankle a few years ago. I consider this one completed. Heels can be a regular part of my fashion. 
  • NOT YET: Achieve 5 pull ups / 50 push ups I'm not sure I've tried to do 50 push-ups, I could probably make it. Have to keep this on the list. Pull ups - not strong enough for these yet.
  • EXCELLENTTrain for a big event (specifics TBD)  I completed a few 10Ks and in November I created my own triathlon.  I'll consider this one done. What's the big challenge for next year?
  • NOT YET: Hot Yoga Weekly I've only been a few times this year. My favorite studio is a tad far away. That's my excuse for now :)

Moreover I could list out a few things that I did that on the bucket list and other changes....
- I went indoor sky diving and hang gliding
- I had a very successful gardening season (gardening is exercise and hard work!)
- I completed a triathlon
- I started learning how to bake health (oh that's a biggie!)
- I became a fan of biking. No Really! Hitting the road for 20-30 miles is a good thing and I like spinning class.

It's been a great year!

Thank you for all your support!

Time to think about tomorrow, the next 12, 365...

Teresa Marie


  1. Impressive Teresa! Keep up the great work!!

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