Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Greetings from the UK - Traveling Too Much

Today I find myself outside of London for a few days of business meetings. While that sounds like fun - I'm now traveling 50% of the time and quite fatigued by airplanes and hotels. 

I've lost three of the past 5 weekends - traveling on Sunday to be at meetings starting on Monday morning. 

Frankly - this sucks and has put my ability to manage my New Leaf commitments at risk. Eating in restaurants or worse yet, office catered meals leave zero room for customizing my choices. Many meals are now in airports or on airplanes :(

Hell - when packing for the latest trip I had to reach into the size 14/16 to get the right items. DAMN! At the start of 2016 I was squeezing into size 10/12. YIKES. I hate this.

I'm now missing half of my weekly workouts with my trainer because I am simply not in town. So that makes the weeks that I do meet with him great - but also challenging as it seems like every time is new. 

I'm not sure how, I injured my knee. I'm going on a month or so of weakness and pain. This has constrained the workouts. Although I still bike - which might not be the best decision. 

One the positive side - a few weekends ago I participated in a charity bike ride outside Chicago. Despite arriving from Europe only the day before and being sleep deprived and jet-lagged. I rode the furthest I've ever done at one time - 38 miles. This was in 88 F and 70% humidity. I didn't feel at al fatigued or sore the next day. Great news.  A few days ago in Ireland we went hiking in the Wicklow National park. It was over 25k steps that day. 

I need the turnaround plan to get in place and kick in. 

Starting next week - I'm going to refresh the weekly summary tracking. Perhaps a tad more visibility and accountability. I'll also start with the weekly weigh in again Sept 2... that gives me a few weeks lead time.

My Life not in balance.

Teresa Marie

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