Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm happily OVERWEIGHT!

... can that be right? How can someone be happy to be overweight? Perspective baby! It's all about perspective!

Choose the term - overweight or obese. I think obese is a subset of overweight. All obese people are overweight, but not all overweight people are obese. 

I was one of them - coming in at (probably more than) 257# on a 5'2.5" frame... that's Very Severely Obese. Having looked at the scale from on high - getting into the range of being "overweight" would be a major accomplishment! And so happy to say that as of this week, I've lost 93 pounds! That's since last December (approx 10.5 months) I'm overweight and I'm ecstatic! 

Next step - hit 100 pound loss and then it's on to "normal."

One of the excellent impacts of working out and eating right - is being a much smaller size person. I have blogged before about getting into a new size of clothing. For the inquisitive male reader of my blog - this is for you :)

Yes - there are lots of differences between women's and men's clothing. Did you know that there are ladies clothing sizes and Women's sizes? Women's are larger and more ample in proportions. Smaller than Ladies is Junior/Misses which can be the odd numbered sizes. These are even less curvy for the number stated :(

Last December when I met the crew at 5 Seasons I was just starting to buy Size 24W. Oh that hurt! What my Auntie used to call "Oh My God Sized."

Now that I've lost just over 12 inches around my waist and nearly 14 inches around my hips. It's fun to wear off the rack clothing. Back into suits that I wore in the early 1990's! Vintage Rocks!

I have continued to track my meals and workouts every single day. Making healthy choices is not easy. 

For example - the holiday cakes at the office abound. Isn't this double chocolate spider creative? Nope don't know what it tasted like :) The scones were my own creation. I baked but did not even taste them. The radishes continue to be my go-to snack. 

OK - onto the numbers for the past month!

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. I've made plans to get at least two workouts in every day - followed by sauna and massage :) Plus I know that I'm going to have an exceptional treat for T'day dinner which will include a few foods I've never tried before including Nopale Cactus and Buffalo Prime Rib. 

Going to finish this year STRONG!

It's never to late (or early if you are thinking about a New Year's Resolution) to start making healthy choices for your life!

Have a great day - Thank you for reading.

Teresa Marie 

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