Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Triathlete (Sort of!)

About a year ago when I met the folks at Five Seasons Health Club, they asked me what I wanted to accomplish in a year. What was my goal? I didn't have anything in mind - other than sticking with the program. At the end of the year I I wanted to do something that would challenge me, but I didn't want to "train" for an event. 

So I searched for some physical activity in which to participate - challenging, interesting, something I didn't have to turn my life over to make work.

Then while on vacation and meeting a truly amazing group of women who have achieved so much and transformed their lived. I was inspired. 

Teresa, Patty, Michelle - Green Valley, Utah 
Earlier this week it dawned on me that I had already been training. Duh! This whole year has been just that - 2/week trainer session and multiple weekly cardio. I was in pretty good shape! I could create my own challenge event. Why not? 

Thus the New Leaf Triathlon was born. I decided that in one day I would complete the activities of a Sprint Distance event - a 750-meter swim, a 20 milometer bike, and a 5K run. Albeit not in that order nor back to back. 

I started the day with the run - which for me was actually hike. The goal was to go up to and back down from the top of this outcrop of white rocks.  

It didn't look that far, nor that high. My heart was pounding so hard. Perhaps from fear of the height, or just one hell of a workout!

... it was so scary way back down. Photo above of me mantling down a narrow section. 

That was 3.4 miles hiked with a 1000 ft rise. Leg One completed. 

Then it was lunch and then onto the bike. Patty, a spin instructor, offered to join me! Dear Lord was I ready for that? All the miles I've biked this year, I've always ridden alone. 

Let's go! Patty took the hills without a care and that was motivating for me to not get off the bike and push through. At some points I was going so incredible slowly! She easily passed me on the inclines and I zipped past her on the downward slopes. It was nice to have a buddy to bike with! 

We traveled just over 12.8 miles. Leg Two Completed. 

After a rest, stretch, and dinner - it was off to the pool. I was reluctant but my friend Michelle was encouraging and said she would meet me in the hot tub after :) I don't like swimming and I've never done lots of laps for distance. 

This part was the most worrisome as I'd only started swimming (again after decades) a few days earlier. It had been a long day already. I see why they put the swim first in these events. Could I really do 750m? The pool was completely empty and peaceful. So...

Back and forth over and over and over again. The answer was YES!! 780 meters completed. Leg Three Completed!  Off to the Hot Tub!

That was it - 3.4 Mile hike, 12.8 mile ride, 780m swim. (Modified) Triathlon complete!

This day I proved to myself just how much progress I've made! Almost one year since committing to turning over a new leaf. 

I've lost 94.5 pounds and regained an active life. 

Snow Canyon Park, White Rocks Peak, Nov. 2015

Thankful and truly grateful - for Five Seasons and everyone who has been so supportive and helpful throughout this year. You are the best!  

It's never to late (or early) to start making healthy choices for your life. 

Happy Holidays.

Teresa Marie

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  1. I'm so inspired by your personal journey. Triathlon's are no mean feat. I get exhausted just picking up the kids from school. It seems like the route you settled on was brilliant. The pictures certainly look spectacular. And that is such an amazing weight loss. Fair play to you - you have a right to feel good about your achievements.

    Catarina @ Wild Fitness