Monday, November 14, 2016

Stress... Am I still Standing?

I like to think that I can handle a great deal of stress. Often people that work with me or close friends have said something to that effect. Here lately - my stress is at an all time, lifetime, high.

The fact that I haven't gained another 40 pounds is amazing to me - as I'm fighting off the burning desire to consume an entire package of sugar cookies, bags of candy or other very unhealthy behaviors.

Stressful Life!
So what's the source of stress - oh so many. I went out to a few websites and took online tests for level of stress.  This one, looks at events in life that cause stress - like buying a new house or losing a job. I scored between 540 and 700 points the last two times I took this test. They say anything over 300 points means more than 80% chance of major illness related to stress.

Bummer :)
Then I looked at this site and free anxiety test. This one looks at behavior and physical response to stress. On this I scored 45 out of 168 - which I thought was low, but they say anything over 28 is signs of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress.

OK so I guess that I knew all that and really didn't need an online test to tell me.

The thing is - to eliminate sources of stress can sometimes be an even more stressful activity all by itself! Definitely not an overnight thing. :(

But I have realized as I've been on this journey to get healthy - that losing weight is only one component of that. Being physically strong is not the only way a person can be strong. Making the changes in life and bearing up under the plethora of changes is another way to be strong. Unfortunately (or fortunately) a skill that we don't practice often.

Just to keep it interesting - I will be traveling at least 5 of the remaining 7 weeks of the year....

I hear exercise is good for getting a positive mental attitude going!


Teresa Marie

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