Wednesday, October 26, 2016

California Hiking and Meetings..

Oat Hill Mine Trail - Calistoga, CA (Oct '16)

A Sunday in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hiked in Napa Valley, had a massage and Mud Bath, visited a few wineries, hiked in the Muir Woods Redwoods, and finished the day at the beach. 22K steps. Felt really good about being so active!

Busy beautiful day!

Followed by Monday which was 9 hours of sitting in meetings :( and then out for Italian dinner :0

Well as with many things it's all about balance!

View over Calistoga, CA (Oct '16)
Redwoods in Muir Woods Park, CA Oct '16
Muir Woods Beach, CA Oct '16

Day 37 - Sunday Net Calories  665; steps 22,115
Day 38 - Monday Net Calories  ???; steps 7,320

Happy Days !

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