Thursday, October 20, 2016

Work, Work, Bike, Travel, Bake...

Keeping it in check...not stress eating :) The other night two friends from work called to talk late in the evening and as a result I had some restless sleep. I'm so much better when I get at least 7-8 hours of restful sleep - last few days I've been below 4hrs! ARGH...

Gifts from Germany
Day 32 - Today a visitor to the office brought me a present. Most unexpected and so needed! Now this little beauty graces my workspace. Giving me flowers every day! Little surprises and acts of kindness like this can make such a big difference!
Tuesday: Net Calories  959; steps 5,928

Day 33 - 5:30AM workout with my trainer. Always a great way to start the day. Know that my energy is high!

Wednesday: Net Calories  838; steps 10,116

Friday I hope to get out biking with the girls along the DesPlaines River trail. Then prep for travel next week...

Today brought into work a baked bread experiment... Tomato, Bacon, Cheese bread... this baby is on the opposite end of the healthy spectrum. It is flying away very quickly - and most folks are adding on a healthy spread of butter... 

Tomato Bacon Cheese Bread
-          5 1/2  cups flour
-          1 cup corn meal
-          2 ½  cup warm tomato sauce
-          ¾ cup water
-          2 tsp yeast
-          2 tsp salt
-          2 tsp sugar
-          ½ cup bleu cheese
-          ½ cup Provolone cheese

-          10 strips of bacon cooked crunchy and crumbled

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