Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Butt Meter

Does this donut make my butt look big?

The answer is probably - yes! Especially if like I used to do, there can never be just one donut :O 

One thing my grandmother said is 'what you eat in private shows up in public.' She knew that when I visited her I would sneak cookies, homemade rolls, cake and other sweets out of the kitchen. My father would take to weighing me at the beginning of a visit to Grandmas and before we left to return home. That didn't help at all! 
The Art of Sideways Sitting

As this blog indicates I've been thinking about butts. It ranges from I'm working my butt off at the office or FiveSeasons or I'm kicking butt or wondering will my butt fit in that chair / space; on the airplane. Essentially - do I have the biggest butt in the room? 

I was at a concert and watched people sit sideways or at the very edge of their chairs because they could not fit between the fixed arm rests. From this position one cannot rest against the back of the chair, weight is on knees/feet to support the precarious perch. It gets uncomfortable very quickly. Oh I know that feeling. 

Yes, seriously I have these thoughts. 

I was thinking I should make a butt meter. 

Relative Butt Meter

It's all about relative positioning :) The red arrow is where I think I was - and the blue arrow where I might be today. I don't think I'm the biggest butt around and yes, I have further to go. 

Smiling all the way to weigh in tomorrow morning - maybe down will be good.

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