Monday, June 1, 2015

Working It Out!

In my last blog I mentioned that I didn't feel as though I was working up to my potential with respect to exercise. This week I hit it nearly every day! As a result I lost 0.5 pounds! Whoo Hoo - down is good. A big part of the workout this week was gardening. Gardening Is Exercise! 

I hired a 17 year old High School boy to help me in the garden this past weekend. He showed up on time and said he was ready to work for 4 hours.  After showing him around and providing an overview of all the areas to weed - we both started to work side by side.  He was not working very fast and needed coaching on what was a weed versus a flower - but that was my expectation for a first day on the job. 

It's a highly repetitive job - find  a week, bend over and pull it out, place it in a bucket. Move to next spot, pull out another weed. Full bucket? Walk over and empty bucket in refuse bag. Repeat. Over and over again. 

He asked lots of questions about how long I was going to work outside that day. I said 5-8 hours. He had signed up for 4 hours that day too.  He started slow and then slowed down! After 45 minutes he called it a day - he thought it was too much hard work. OK gardening isn't for everyone - I get that. But what he was complaining about was the physical work. He said it was too hard for him. I said no worries, paid him for the hour and sent him on his way. I feel kind of sorry for him in that for the rest of his life he might recall that one day where an obese senior citizen outpaced him. 

This is that the day in the garden looking like -  26 thousand steps and nearly no rest time the entire day.  This is a new record in terms of steps. And more amazingly - not a single sore muscle the next day! 

Full day of gardening! 

Oh - so you may know that I'm tracking all my food on the MyFitnessPal app.  The other day I noticed that Walmart had an advertisement for dessert on there. Boo! I would have thought that the leaderhsip for the App would have provided better guidance for their advertisers to support their life decisions. OK some of the people may be trying to gain weight - but a sugary dessert is not the best choice for many people. Shame on you both Walmart and MyFitnessPal.

OK here are the numbers for last week. YEAH! Got the exercise up to nearly 2 hours per day. Met my food goals, and walked over 15K steps per day average. 

Have a great day!

Teresa Marie

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