Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 6 Summary - WOW

There is no logic behind the success I had this week. I ate more, worked out less, and lost more.  Maybe the scale calibration was off - but for now WHOO HOO!

TOFU Galore!
Here's my summary for this week. I stuck to my meal and exercise plan. The new food for the year appears to be Tofu. I continued to mix it into my breakfast, it also makes an easy snack with salsa. I'm also adding it cubed onto my salads. I guess we are now eating TONS of tofu as we had more than 6 containers in the refrigerator at one time. Now that is a major change! So I continued to do a great job of hitting my protein percentage. One day I had birthday cake - and on that day the calorie intake was high - 1634 cals, but for the week I'm right on target!

Polar Loop Heart Rate Workout
Workouts continue per plan. This week I started regularly using the Heart Rate sensor for my Polar Loop - wow, does that make a difference. I used the Heart Rate program on the treadmill and at a few points it had the incline up over 6%. I set the program to maintain my heart rate at roughly 80% of target - near my max. It did a great job. I would have never done that on my own :/  More over, as of today, I am up to using the elliptical for 30 minutes after my hour on the treadmill. It's easier to do intervals on the elliptical.  I am forgoing the recline bike - it was difficult to get up my heart rate on that, and I'm not up to using the "regular" bike yet (nor spin class!)

Another double check is that I set my polar loop activity level to the equivalent of 1.5 hour jog every day. So when I achieve my goal - even if that's from walking, standing, or other activities - it's the equivalent of a nice run.  So this week, every day, I ran for approximately 1 hr 20 min (on paper so to speak!)

Here is the summary for the week. A big surprise - I dropped  ~4.5 pounds this week! I literally let out a little shout

Teresa's New Leaf - Week 6 Summary

So what's proposed for next week:
- Increase time on the elliptical (target 40 by end of Feb)
- Add a few core maneuvers to my daily routine (Be on the ball)
Revise workout schedule to accommodate new work hours


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