Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week 7 ... Hold Please

I often say that maintaining my weight week over week is good but going down a few pounds is better. This past Friday when I weighed-in I was hoping to just stay the same from the prior week - and my wish was granted. 

I was simultaneously happy and unhappy. 

My Balancing Act - 2015
This week I had to make adjustments to my work/life/workout balance. I worked out just over an hour a day. That is the second lowest weekly performance so far this year - second only to the first week of the year.  My food intake was on plan - although I did have some high days and other very low days. Two days I felt ill and only ate ate less than 800 cals/day and worked out very little

This week really demonstrates that steps alone are not sufficient for my weight loss. I achieved on average 16K steps/day, but probably not really aerobic and fat burning. Good for me to be up and moving, YES, certainly better than sitting down, but it's sufficient. Where did 10K steps/day come from anyhow? Looks like there is a 10K step diet: The Step diet, by James Hill, Jon Peters, Bonnie Jortberg. All respected physicians - but OMG is this more fad diet propaganda I've taken in? OK, moving on... 

There were the two days that I just couldn't stop drinking water. Ridiculous amounts of water were consumed. So much so that I got up twice a night to use the bathroom. Folks were thinking that I should get checked for diabetes. I'm convinced that when I stepped on the scale on Friday after working out with MTM that I had a water baby in me :) Anyway Friday at my official weekly weigh in I had not lost any weight. But I did weigh again on Saturday morning and I'd lost 1.5 pounds. So I've captured that loss in this summary. 

When I was at Five Seasons this week I had a few strangers come up to me and say that had seen my story in the news paper or on Facebook. It's such a strange feeling to not know someone but have them know about me. Moreover, the support is really nice! 

So what's proposed for next week:
- Increase time on the elliptical (I'm up to 30 now)  (target 40 by end of Feb)
- Get back to 1.5 hr/day workouts
- Stick to the stairs
- Add a few core maneuvers to my daily routine (Ball to the office?)

Tah Tah for now :)

Teresa Marie

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