Monday, February 23, 2015

Food Choices - Old Favorites and New Habits

The other day I was mall-walking and the aroma from the Cinnabon was so overwhelming. It took me back to my childhood and a rich sugary-cinnamon breakfast treat. I recall some childhood foods which I would never dream of eating today nor ever serving to my kids.  One of these was a summertime treat from my Grandmother. She would place a generous portion of rich vanilla ice cream onto Rice Crispies for our breakfast! The other was a treat breakfast my  mother would prepare which centered around brown sugar/butter broiled onto white toast. A fast homemade Cinnabon! This would be 1/4" thick sugary sweetness. You can find the recipe here. My mom must not have been alone in preparing this rich treat - plus she always put a few eggs on the side, for balance :)

If I had a 1200 calorie food plan with the same nutrition components that I'm following today - the table below shows how these two foods would fair. Failing grades - too much fat and carbs! The Icy Rice Crispies has nearly 45% of the daily carbs in just that meal. The Brown Toast/eggs had nearly 60% of my daily Fat allotment. WOW.

Teresa Marie's Childhood Breakfast Treats
I no longer eat these childhood favorites. However, until recently I wasn't making much better choices for my health. I previously blogged about my Starbucks Revelation.   One of my favorite breakfasts was adapted from a very healthy recipe for Chili cheese grits - using low fat cheese.  However, I adapted it with velveeta and also usually ate a double serving. LOL - I took a healthy thing and making it fatty, overserved myself, yet the little voice inside my head was saying "it's from a diet cookbook so it's OK for me". ARGH,  I would be consuming nearly 50% of my daily calories, fat, and carbs in one meal!

Teresa Marie's Adult Breakfast Choices - Old Habits

OK that was then  what am I having for breakfast now?   Earlier this year I was just having a piece of fruit for breakfast. However, as MTM / nutritionist advised I needed to have some protein for breakfast, I've settled onto two options.

After turning a new leaf and getting focused on making healthy choices, my favorite breakfast now is taking 2.5-3 ounces of tofu and mixing it with 5-6 ounces of non-fat Greek yogurt. I was putting it into the blender, but now I just break up the tofu with a spoon. It's fast and a good balance and proportion. Alternatively if someone else is cooking breakfast ;) the option is generally a spinach egg white omelet and piece of fruit.

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Teresa Marie

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