Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blisters into Week 5...

My success depends on many things, most importantly, my feet. Bet you thought I was going to say something else :) A big part of my program is cardio workouts - which for me is treadmill. The past week I developed a few blisters which put a spotlight on just how important my feet are to my plan. 

So I've developed a three part program to care for me feet and hopefully prevent blisters. 

Specialty Socks
1) Foot Maintenance - that means pedicures, moisturizing, and removing calluses and rough skin. It's the rough skin that develops blisters under them. At night I coat my feet in lotion and wear socks. This really helps. 

2) Best socks - I invested in Feetures(r) socks. I'm also considering a pair of Injijis (toe socks)

3) Good Shoes - not sure that I have a really good fit on my shoes. However, I make up for that with volume and assortment, aka six pairs. I try to never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.  Sadly, my favorite aesthetically also seems to be the bad actor in the bunch with respect to blisters. 

Ok so beyond blisters, how did I do this week..


I am really likely the Polar Loop late. I set it with a target equivalent to a 1.5 hr jog each day. I had 5 days with more than 19K steps! I should revise my 10K/day goal. I make decisions to maximize movement - rather than what I had previously done, which was minimize it. Parking farther away, going up and down stairs frequently... little things add up. 

During my last workout with my Trainer we started with boxing gloves. It was a really nice change of pace and a great workout! We also tried tossing a weighted ball back and forth - but the wrist wouldn't allow it.  I worked out on average 2 (but this includes on day where I spent nearly 5 hours cleaning house, that was a workout, lots of stairs!)

Polar Flow Summary - hitting over 100% of target!

And the result was that I lost 3 pounds this week! Continued downward. That's 16 pounds since the first of the year. I'm averaging 3#/week. Very happy. 

So what's new for next week:
- Increase time on the elliptical.
- Make up a new workout mix. Maybe 80's or KPop?
- Start planning that veggie garden and starting seeds :) 

Have a great day!

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