Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tracking what I eat... Week 4 summary

My Trainers and Me
Five Seasons, Northbrook - January 2015
For the past 45 days I have been tracking everything that I eat, every single day. More religiously after the first of the year.  I even track my diet soda and chewing gum!  The first few days and weeks were shocking.  Beyond my Starbucks insight, I didn't realize just how it all added up in terms of sugars and fats.  I wasn't regularly getting enough protein either. This month I managed to 1100-1200 cal/day with 25% protein and 45% carbs. I'm using MyFitnessPal app (link on the right)  

Oh and two articles came out my turning a new leaf and the support I'm getting from Five Seasons Family Sports Club. One more in the works. I'm sure more to follow.

Drum Roll..
TRX Classes at Five Seasons
onto the the summary for this week, the first month after turning over a new leaf. I stuck to my meal and exercise plan. I ate out 5 times this week, and kept within plan although a few days I had very high sodium. I did a great job of hitting my protein percentage. On my heavy exercise days, which is about 3 hours at the club, all I want to do is eat protein! My trainer/nutritionist, has also encouraged me to have protein at breakfast ... I'm now blending tofu into my yogurt (which I'm sure sounds disgusting to many!)

I took a rest day from exercise this week and will continue to do so. I had two days with 90 minute Bikram yoga classes.  I used the elliptical twice. While working out with my trainer I saw this picture of TRX - so naturally he needed to oblige my curiosity by having me do a few exercises using the TRX. Simple and so effective! My heart rate was so high and my muscles were screaming :)  I'm sure we will work up to do more of that.

I started using a Polar Loop late in the week. It's so convenient and beats trying to find a place to put my pedometer. I was able to get in lots of steps - two days were over 20K steps!

And the result was that I lost ~2 pounds this week! Down is good. Moreover, lost body fat and inches too. All good news! 

So what's new for next week:
- Increase time on the elliptical
- Add a few core maneuvers to my daily routine (not accomplished last week)
- Friend my fellow 5seasons winners on MFP

Making Fit Happen!

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