Saturday, January 24, 2015

More Water Please + Week 3 Summary

This was an awesome week! 

Before I get into the numbers, let me talk about WATER. 

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I'd like to share my simple rules of thumb for knowing that I've drunk enough water. I researched and asked my doctors how many glasses/cups of water to drink a day and frankly it was just too darn complicated and there is no single answer. Sources in the know say:
- 8 - 8 oz glasses a day
- Plus another 8 ounces for every 10 pounds you are overweight (I'm guessing there is an upper limit there somewhere!)
- Plus an additional 12 ounces for every hour of heavy exercise or salty food/beverage consumed
- Plus additional water if you are in a hot/dry environment 
- Then don't forget that much of your food also has water so...

Yeah, that's why I rely on these four simple rules, many of which were given to me by an Outward Bound hiking guide years ago:

  1. Never get thirsty (always be drinking water, always have it available)
  2. Drink the water as cold as possible (burns more calories :)  )
  3. Drink enough water so that urine is nearly colorless
  4. Drink enough so that in the middle of the night you have to get up an use the bathroom

This week I've been adhering to those simple rules. I had great weight loss and my skin looks wonderful (water plus the steam saunas every few days!)

OK so the summary for this week, numbers below, I stuck to my meal and exercise plan. I ate out 4-5 times this week - so daily calories are a bit higher than last week. I did a great job of hitting my protein percentage.

I took a rest day from exercise this week so the weekly average is lower - however, the days that I did work out I averaged 1.6 hours/day.  I picked up a POLAR heart rate monitor which really helped gauge the effort of my cardio. During the workout with My Trainer I saw it spike to 162 bpm - but I recovered very quickly.  I was able to get in lots of steps - one day was over 20K steps!

And the result was that I lost 5 pounds this week! Down is good

So what's new for next week:
- Try using the elliptical, I'm perhaps getting to used to the treadmill / stationary bike
- Add a few core maneuvers to my daily routine
- Bring the trainer Thai Food on Friday (are you reading this?)

Making Fit Happen!

Teresa Marie

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