Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Busy day - nope not doing that

Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me.  In addition,the day provided two key milestones - one good, one maybe not so good. 

My recent Yoga Experience
Let's start with the positives. I worked out with my trainer, did one hour of cardio independently and I went to a Bikram Yoga class! Years ago my girlfriend and I would go to Bikram a few times a week. When she moved out of to and a bit out of the way. Without my yogi buddy  - I wasn't as motivated to go. That said, I did missed it. The stretching always made me feel better.  This week I went to a yoga studio close to home. At about 50 pounds heavier than the last time I went, plus recovering broken wrist weakness - it was a CHALLENGE.  I was confused by the poses and there was little guidance. Everyone else was super into it - true yoga people :)

Everyone Else at Yoga
None-the-less, I have made three more appointments for this week to continue with the Bikram yoga. I need to look for a different place to practice Bikram. While this studio is convenient, it is carpeted (Yuck!) and smelled like old socks :( I'll also check out the regular yoga classes at the club (aka Five Seasons.)

On the negative side, for the first time, I told my trainer that I wouldn't do something he requested of me. It was a simple request to jog one lap around the track. But I said no (not yet).  Seriously, the last time I jogged was probably high school for the Presidents Physical Fitness Test aka gym nightmare IRL. So why not now? I have been having issues with knee and ankle strength and was worried about complications. So we agreed on alternate and I gave a very fast paced walk instead. It felt bad to not do what was asked. After eight personal training sessions, I guess having only one "no" isn't too bad.  We did toss that damn tire around and it went smoother this time. 

Friday is weigh in and measurements! I'm looking forward to it. Probably this week will not be a great weight loss. But I'm sure there are inches lost and muscle built. 

Have a great day.

Teresa Marie

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