Friday, January 16, 2015

Tire Flipping - Week 2 Summary

Today marks the end of the second week of my turning over a new leaf; a new trajectory on a healthy lifestyle.

So what was different in this week? 
  • I increased the hours I exercised. I pulled out some old exercise DVDs 
  • I used the heart rate monitor during aerobics to get into my target zone quicker and consistently  
  • Stuck to the calories target. However, often at the end of the day was low (~900 cals) and was searching for good evening choices
  • I started talking more broadly about my plans and choices. At any moment one can choose to life a healthier life. No I'm not on a "diet" - I'm changing my life!
This week during my workouts with my trainer at the Club - he had me toss the tire I blogged after my first visit to the club. Hum, did he read that? IDK but - Yes! I DID IT! WOW was my heart pumping! My son helped calculate the lifting force required and calorie burn:

- Tire specs: 44 inch diameter, 140 pounds
- Lifting Force required: 70 Pounds when the tire is flat, 47 Pounds at 45 deg.
- 0.07 KCals per flip
I didn't count the number of times I flipped it down the floor and back. Next time (I know there will be a next time) perhaps I'll do that.  

OK - so what are my numbers for this week?  The tally below. I maintained to my recommended calorie level and increased my daily cardio. My daily steps nearly doubled. (And I have the blisters to prove it!) Weighing in at Five Seasons, I went down 2 pounds. Down is good. 

Adjustments for next week:
- Better meal planning so that I'm not consuming late at night to reach my target. 
- More club time - early mornings. 
- Research getting a Heart Rate Monitors (Polar?)
- Better socks
- Take a rest day from exercising :)

Teresa Marie 

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