Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 8 - Spring Ahead

After a low number last week I was determined to up the count this week and I hit it with even more determination. I was not disappointed.  


It seemed oddly appropriate to see this comic earlier this week.  "The Born Loser" comic was one of my father's favorites. Somewhere I have our all time favorites snipped out and tucked away. This one just hit very close to my new reality!  Couch potato that I was but am no more. I've found inspiration and support to "Be a Loser" at Five Seasons. So happy to have entered and been selected. Now if I can just follow in Mark Wrights footsteps it will be an awesome year and new beginning! I'm going to be a "Biggest Loser" this year and loving the journey!

Mark Wright -
This past week was a combination of great food choices (less carbs and more protein) and diligence in hitting my cardio numbers.  While last week the numbers seemed too low - this week they seem to high. On average I'm hitting 3.3 pound loss per week. From here through the end of the year I need to average 2#/wk to make my goal.

This past week more people started to say I looked as if I'd been losing weight. I had the surprise of putting on clothing that I thought would now fit only to immediately put it into the too big pile.  

So what's proposed for next week:
- Start interval training on cardio (more efficient)
- Attend one kick boxing session with my girlfriend
- Continue planning for a great veggie garden this year!

Getting so excited for Spring! Can't wait to be walking outside.

Teresa Marie

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