Monday, May 11, 2015

10K by the Bay

Springtime '15 - SanFancisco Bay Trail
Business travel this week takes me out to the San Francisco Bay area. I noticed that the hotel was steps away from the San Francisco Bay Trail.  I made a plan to take a long walk at least two days while I'm here. After sitting on a plane for more than 4 hours - I was ready to take a walk. 

Within an hour of landing I was out on the trail!

I was pleasantly surprised. The portion of the trail that I walked was covered in wild flowers and just bursting with not only color but also aromas. Someone did such a nice job planning it all to look effortless. I'll place more pictures of the great plants on my garden blog. 

Love that eucalyptus! I decided not to time myself but rather just to walk until I desired to turn around. The voice in my head kept asking what was beyond the next turn. One of the benefits of a beautiful day and an unknown trail. As a result - I walked just over 6.3 miles on this walk. That put me at 8.1 miles for the day. 

Great day for a 10K by the Bay! Musing that months ago I would have only walked outside or for a few 100 feet along the trail. Habits they are a changing!

10K by the Bay - May, 2015

Excellent Day!

Teresa Marie

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