Saturday, May 9, 2015

One-derland - 58 pounds in 6 months

So happy this morning to have the scale dip below the 200 mark! I was at the health club with my trainer and was shocked to be under 200 - as I'd weighed in just a few days ago at 202. We usually one weigh in once a week - I guess we just had a feeling that today would be the day.
One-derland; aka <200# May, 2015

He gave me a high-five and I then turned to all the people working out and shouted 199!!! The other trainers gave me high fives - the men looked at me as if to say "what you're proud of that?" and in response I gave them the look that said 'HELL YES!" I've been working hard for this!

I'm almost halfway to my goal. I need to evaluate if the goal is realistic. I picked it because that weight will put me cleanly into the "average" BMI range. My weight loss has started to slow down - maybe because for the past month I've been a tad more focused on work and on my regime. None the less - I'm on track to have a great year turning over a new leaf!

In marketing they use 'odd pricing', i.e., pricing the product at a little less than the rounded off number. So prices such as $1.99 is associated with spending less than $2 instead of a price of $2.00 which is spending that much. Customers perceive odd prices as significantly lower than they actually are. I think it is the opposite with weight. For me 199 seems larger than 202. I'm seeing the 99 and thinking "Girl you have a long way to go!" - well that's true, but I've also come a long way. 

Here's what's helped me so far:
1) Confronting the brutal facts of what I consume. That means having a plan for calories and nutritional content and logging everything I eat. I was previously prone to over-eating and kidding myself it. Nope- not anymore. If I want that donut instead of the yogurt/tofu blend (which is my go-to-breakfast) I can do it - but that means I can probably only eat lettuce for the rest of the day :( 
Daily Food / Nutrition Choices

2) Keep moving - Taking walks, the stairs, standing desk, anything to keep moving. I used to have a very sedentary life. I would find ways to avoid going upstairs or downstairs. I would have family members carry everything for me. I never worked out (except for gardening :)  )  Now I'm getting in at least 2-3 good workouts a week. On a bad day I'm walking around 7K steps but I prefer to be around 13-15K steps. My weight loss has slowed in part because I have not been working out 5xweek like I was at the beginning of the year. I'm at 2-3x/wk now, need to step it up again or I won't make my year end goal.
3) Getting help - Advice and progression of workouts with my trainer help build balance, endurance, and muscle. Great to be able to modify as I go. Thanks Five Season's Northbrook
Every workout means time in the sauna :)
4) "You Go Girl" - friends, family, and social network saying "good job" and getting me into new activities. It's very nice to hear that the change I'm feeling is also visible. Today the receptionist at Five Seasons told me I looked great and she can see a big change. What a nice way to start the day!
5) Hard work and dedication - it's not about motivation, it's about commitment; everyday.
6) something to look forward to - be that a reward or the next challenge. 

Next week I'm traveling for business and am already planning a long walk on the Bay Trail. Very much looking forward to warm weather and ocean breezes to start my day. 

So the fonts are being all weird in this blog. I've been trying to fix it for 15 minutes, decided to leave it funky so I can get out for a walk. #Priorities #MakingFitHappen

Be Awesome!

Teresa Marie

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