Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend...

Teresa's New Ride - July 2015
.... and I'm not talking gemstones! Its the brand of my new bike! Super excited to be riding again.

There was a time when I biked 10 miles to work each day. 

Sadly, I haven't riden a bike in over 25 years - that was until this week!  Friends helped me pull my son's 15 yr old bike out of the corner of the garage, fix it up, and take it for a ride.

Pleasantly, I remembered how to ride :)

After 4 days of riding 4-5 miles each day, besides having a sore butt, I had the desire to get a better bike and really start riding again. That is good because a few months ago I signed up to participate in a charity ride later in July. 

Today was the day - this baby followed me home! After texting riding buddies I decked this gem out just enough. I bought a pair of those super flattering bike shorts too. 

Wow - when did bikes get so complicated and so expensive? Luckily I'd been saving up to treat myself mid-year through my commitment to turning over a new leaf. I guess this was it!

Rack, Comfort Seat, Water Bottle clip - Good to go!

Another way to get out there and get moving. Plus after the bunion issue - this was Doctor Recommended :) 

Maybe I'll see you on the trails!

Teresa Marie

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