Saturday, July 11, 2015

7 Months - 70 pounds!

6 Months - 60 pound weight loss
You Can Do It!
Last December I turned over a new leaf to make healthy choices in my life, for life. In January 2015, I started with the "Be A Loser" program at Five Seasons Club.  Since then I have been on a journey - eating right, moving it to lose it.

The result has been a loss of over 70 pounds. That's ~60 pounds since January 2, 2015! YEAH! 

I use an App that tracks activity and weight. The chart at the right is my trajectory since the first of the year. My current weight is down 3 more pounds since I snapped this photo - but you can see DOWN IS GOOD!

So lucky that I haven't really plateaued yet - but it feels like more work now for every pound lost. 

Let me put this in context:

  • My waist and hips are 16-18% smaller (I've lost 8 and 10 inches respectively)
  • I've dropped 5 dress sizes. From a 24W to a 14W/14.
  • My wrists are smaller. I removed three links from my bracelet I started wearing in Feb '15 (Polar Loop)
  • I'm much more active!!! This past week I started outdoor bike riding, which I hadn't done in over 25 yrs. 
  • I average 12K steps per day with peaks to #25K/day. Since tracking my steps I have walked 730 MILES! That's the equivalent of walking to and from Cleveland from Chicago! I even completed two 10Ks
  • Patrick, Teresa, John - July 2015
  • My eating and shopping habits have radically shifted. I maintain 1200 cal per day (no sugar, cake, cookies, chips, rice, potatoes, bread, jam, cheese, ice cream, etc.) lots of good protein (Tofu!) and veggies every day

Working out with a trainer continues to be a blessing. The trainer really help me mix it up and work areas I wouldn't think of doing. See above the photo of my newest trainer at Five Seasons - John. He always comes with a plan of activities for me. An he will meet me at the club at 5:45AM! Never a slow moment! Thank you John. Compare this photo to one with my trainers at the start of the year (posted here) - WOW. 

Here are the numbers for the past two weeks.  Long weekend and stuck to the nutrition plan and got in my exercise. 

So nice to see the weight tracker past the mid-point. This is where (historically) I would get discouraged. Having come so far - but with so far to go it is a good place and a sad place to be.  Before I would have started to have a treat here and there, work out less, put carbs back into the diet, etc. etc. And then - it's as if I never even started to try to lose weight. 

Well, I know that's not happening this time - because I'm on a one-way road trip. There is no reverse. This is my life. WHEN! I lose 20 more pounds - I will be at the lowest weight in the past 33 years! That will be a sweet. 

Have a wonderful day! 
Thank you for your support.

Teresa Marie

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