Sunday, July 19, 2015

12 Mile Bike Ride - Weekly Summary

Ride Ataxia - July, 2015
Every now and then something exceptional happens. 

Today's Non-Scale Victory - completing a 12 mile bike ride in support of good cause.  Perfect weather, awesome location, and a great group to ride together. I surprised myself. Plus I didn't even mind about wearing those silly bike shorts and shirt (well not too much!)

Here is a shot of me crossing the line at the end of the race! I had lost track of the distance and was surprised to be at the end - I thought there were a few more miles to go. That was such a great feeling; to not be exhausted. 

Everyone was in such great spirits and I met really great people. Lots of inspiration around each turn.  Many people have challenges in their lives, that I can work to overcome my issues with weight is a blessing. 

Biking - part of my new routine. Never would have guessed that. 

The ride went along the locks and canal near Joliet, IL.  I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of several Herons and even a otter. It was such a pretty ride I would highly recommend. 

The night before the ride we went out for dinner. Restaurants - what fun! I had a turkey burger without the bun and no alcohol. Then the dessert menu came out. 

The cheesecake caught my eye. One of my historic favorites! I considered it carb loading before the big ride. 

What I didn't expect was that it tasted terrible. My friends confirmed that it was not the restaurant - but my taste buds that were to blame. So many months of health choices had reset expectations. I had two small bites and that was just enough. 

Th day before I took a long walk through the Midewin Tallgrass Prairie - highly recommend. We also went to the casino - but that was no fun at all!

OK here is the summary for the week. Lots of hours at work and not so many working out. Was able to drop 3 pounds. (Note weigh in on Saturday so a tad longer than one week.)

Have a great week!

It's never to late to start making healthy choices!

Teresa Marie

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