Monday, August 10, 2015

Strength and Endurance - Weekly Summary

When I turned over a new leaf to make healthy choices in my life - one of the key considerations was that I wanted to be "fit" - that being stronger and more able. This past weekend I saw for myself just how far I have come towards achieving that goal.

I love to garden and every year I get a load of free wood chips and spread them around the yard. I'm not alone in this effort - it's a family affair. I have typically taken the role of "Job Site Manager" directing wheelbarrows of chips all around and then raking them into place. I have relied on others for the muscle to do the "real work." This usually takes us 3 days to get it all done. 

Not this year. If I had any concerns over my weight loss slowing down and that I wasn't making progress, this past weekend was a big thumbs up and "Go Girl." 

Home workout Challenge - 1 truckload of wood ships in two days

I kicked that truckload of wood chips! Shoveling, hauling, and repeating over and over and over again. Saturday morning I was up at it by 7AM, the fam didn't join in until the afternoon. Then after about 3 hours in the afternoon, I was hearing signs of fatigue from them, but I carried on with the shoveling and hauling while they took on the raking roles. Then Sunday I was left to finish the job by myself. And that was OK, because I could and I did, and today, I FEEL GREAT! 

That says I AM stronger and I DO have endurance (and maybe I have a promising career as a landscaper! Yeah I would like that.)

I reached a new peak in terms of daily steps at 28.7K all of that within my own yard. 

No heating pad, no pain meds, no problems. That my friends is the sign of someone who has gotten so much stronger and with so much more endurance.

Such a happy day!

OK here are the numbers for the past few weeks. My goal this week is to hit the meal plan and work it to bust through this little slow down I've gotten myself into. 

Thank you for reading.
It's never to late to start making healthy choices in your life!

Teresa Marie

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