Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Change is Not Easy

Many years ago a mentor told me that if a person was able to achieve a significant change themselves - they would be better at leading others through change. Moreover that through change people would discover something new about themselves.

Maybe this year of turning over a new leaf is making me a different person in addition to the physical changes I'm experiencing. Maybe by losing 100 pounds I'm discovering a new me. 

Hum... something to ponder over wine :)

Earlier this year when I started working out with a trainer - my ability was extremely low. I remember that one of the regular exercises we did was going up a set of stairs. I didn't go fast, I wasn't carrying extra hand weights. That said, it was hard work.  Then over the months as I built muscle and lost weight - the workouts have changed. Both what I am doing with my trainer and what I do on my own. Most recently I've taken up biking and the elliptical. This week I started doing an approx. hour on the elliptical! Wow - how things change. 

OK onto the numbers for the week. I did not weigh in this week as I wasn't at the club in the morning. Good level f exercise and fairly good on nutrition. I should hold and maybe see downward results this week. 

I am dreading the month ahead as I will be traveling quite a bit. Time to thing creatively about how to get in some workouts on the road. 

It's never too late to make healthy choices! 

Have a great day

Teresa Marie

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