Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Entering the Final Stretch...

In racing it's in the final stretch where the story unfolds. Will the one in the lead stay strong and cross over to victory? Will the apparent leader get complacent and be surpassed and suffer the agony of defeat? How will it end?

As the summer comes to a close, I'm already thinking through to the end of the year. This was my year of turning over a new leaf. I want to finish strong and continue on the trajectory for a long time into my future.... a full and bright, highly active one :)

The path ahead is not free from challenge. My weight loss has slowed down. My eating habits, while good, are no longer perfect. My travel schedule is picking up (I will be out 16 of the next 20 days.) 

It's not excuses - it's life. This is a marathon. Not a time for setbacks or rationalizing. Time to buckle down and keep getting it done!

I do know that year-end is an artificial finish line. As they say in the Matrix Movie "there is no spoon"....

One sweet spot in my "support team" is Alex. She's a massage therapist who treats me to a relaxing 20 minute chair massage every now and then. Pure heaven! This picture does neither of us justice.

Alex - Chair Massage Heaven!
OK onto the numbers...

Good amount of exercise this past week - the eating was a tad high, but not too bad. I was able to lose 2 pounds which brings my total to 83!

Happy Day!

Teresa Marie

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