Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Surviving Restaurants and Room Service

I'm challenged to say make healthy choices with all the treats and deliciousness that is surrounding me this week!  It's true that sticking to a healthy diet while eating in restaurants is not so easy, but it can be done.

The downside of business travel - eating out all the time. 

So there are a few ground rules I've given myself:

1) Check the potential calories before ordering. This helps me eliminate some options or determine just how much I can eat. 

2) Don't order the alcohol; too many empty calories

3) Just say no to the bread and carb basket, no matter how grainy it looks or how tempting it smells

4) Always order with exceptions - no fries, no gravy, no added butter, etc. plus "on the side" is a good thing, too much dressing always applied. Yes, after a while it is getting annoying for your travel/dinner companions but then after annoyance came the interesting time when they started recommending items for me - or guessing how I was going to order.

5) Never assume that eating alone means that cheating is allowed. Room service is so deadly. Under this tray was supposed to be chicken without gravy and no fries - they disappointed me. I sent it back - oh the waiting was too much. When they returned they added a piece of pie for my wait, I sent that back immediately, it wasn't allowed to come in the room!

6) Add salt or pepper. When you have reached your portion or limit take that salt or pepper shaker and apply liberally. I mean seriously liberally to the remains. There can be no risk of taking an extra bite then. 

Point in case, last night the restaurant we visited had a fixed price, three course dinner. I passed on the drinks and bread.

I had raw veggies for starter, a baked salmon for entree, I excluded the starch - no potatoes or rice. I ordered a Sticky Toffee Bread Pudding for dessert. 

Yes, I did that. Plus it came with ice cream (for which I'm sure it was whole, not reduced calorie.) 

Doesn't that look awesome!
I checked the calories for the day before the dessert arrived to determine just how much I could afford to eat. The answer was less than half.  So that's what I did. Then my friend took a bite. I asked if anyone else wanted a taste. No? OK then I liberally salted! 

Sadly watched the ice cream melt and the remaining to be taken back to the kitchen. Happy that I met my goals for the day and tried some exceptional dishes :)

Have a great day!

Teresa Marie

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