Saturday, September 5, 2015

City Walking.... Weekly Summary

For the past few days I've been working in Dublin. I brought my work out wear and have taken several long walks through the city - despite doctor warnings about taking too long of walks. It's pretty fun to explore someplace new. Lots to see, many paths to take.

The biggest challenge is not getting hit by the cars and so many bicyclists!

I have been pretty good about following my nutrition plan. However, one night we ended up at a french restaurant where I was determined to order food that I would have never eaten before. Laid before me was a trio of Irish game - including venison, duck, and quail. That's the photo below. It was divine! Luckily had gone for a 5 mile walk earlier in the day so I could indulge in this treat and still be under my calorie limit. (I did not log before I ate :) WOW did not know duck confit was so calorific.)

Treating myself to a french meal in Dublin. 

This weekend we took a trip outside Dublin to the city of Howth. We hiked up the cliffs and around the town for nearly 6 hours - that was over 7.5 miles. 

Here is a shot of me in the wild preserve with large patches of heather. Just below is a photo of the old church - now cemetery in Howth as well. There are more photos of the hike around the cliffs on my garden blog here. 

Weekend in Ireland Countryside - Sept 2015
Howth, Ireland - September 2015

OK onto the numbers for the week. 

I weighed in before I left - so the 1 pound is from Tuesday not Thursday when I usually weigh. As you can see I'm just slightly over on the calories - eating the past 3 days every meal in restaurants makes that challenging. However, getting in lots of walking with average steps of 17K/day!

Another 6 days on the road....


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