Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Flying High - On Life and Literally!

This past weekend I did something I never thought I would do - Hang Gliding!

To my surprise - it was a wonderful experience and one I was glad to share with my daughter. (Her idea to go!)

So here I am - flying high!! 

More photos of the day and the numbers for the week...
So here we are on the ground - and the guide is explaining to me that the "tiny thread" (as I called it) that tows us behind the plan is really safe....

Tandem Hang Gliding - Sept 2015
This is the way we got into the air - behind the plane (which was really a flying lawn mower...) For me this was the scariest part.

Here we all are after each of us had gone to 21K feet in the air and survived. 

September 2015

OK, in full disclosure, I haven't officially weighed in for a few weeks. This week I was traveling and only at the club one day. It was late in the day so I did step on the scale to see a lower number than before - but late day isn't the same as first thing in the morning. So I'm giving myself 1 pound loss, but next Thursday will be an official number.

Off to the east coast later this week to support my son in biking from Boston to New York! Wow it should be a very exciting time!

Making amazing new choices!

Teresa Marie

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