Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One Thing I Don't Want to Give-up

Yesterday my trainer learned that I have one can of diet coke a day. He was SHOCKED that I wasn't going soda pop free! 

I've largely given up added sugar, added salt, breads, rice, potatoes, pasta, cheese, oatmeal, cookies, cakes, fried foods, fast food, wine, martinis, junk food.... My gosh I'm eating tofu for breakfast! 

So despite his arguments about the impact of evil soda, I'm not giving it up (yet?) 

It's been a busy week and I reached a new milestone! Major non-scale victory.

Drum roll.... the great news is that inspired by the charity bike ride I supported last week, I was determined to set a new record on my bike. Sunday I headed out at 7:15AM and rode for nearly 3 hours! I covered just over 30 miles! It was a nice ride through the Cook Country Forest Preserves. I was so happy to have gone so much further than ever before and to feel exceptional during the ride and after the ride! 

Weekend ride - Putting on Miles!

Whoo Hoo - I'm a biker chick :) I love my bike!

The day before this long ride, I participated in supporting Habitat for Humanity. The houses being built are on the south side of Chicago. It was a full day of working with power tools (new skill!) and hammering up the framing. At one point, the crew leader asked "Who is the strongest one in our team (of four people)?" I shouted out "I am!" So he had me raising up the floor supports you can see in the photo below on the left hand side. Great workout. He later said he was surprised with my lifting ability. Hey, the power of training. Little did he know that I used to carry 80 pounds around with me every step of the day!

Habitat for Humanity - Girls with Power Tools Rule

OK onto the numbers for the week...

Great news, logged another 2 pound loss! My eating was a tad higher than target which balanced a few very active workout days. I averaged 1.3 hours working out each day. 

If I can keep up the 1.9-2.0 #/Week rate, I can hit 100# loss this year. Wow that would be so awesome. Make it or not - down has been so good!

Make the healthy choice for yourself today! 

Teresa Marie

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