Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Inspired Ride

This past weekend I supported my son by crewing for "Cycle for the Cause" - a three day bike ride from Boston to New York. That's one hell of a ride. 

Late last year I had thoughts of doing the ride myself, then I realized that I would have to dedicate myself to training fairly exclusively on my bike. I didn't know at the time that I would later be doing just that - anyhow, I signed up to be crew. It was a great choice. 

Just think of getting up at 5AM every day for Day 1 - ride 116 miles over 9.5 hours, Day 2 repeat ride 80 miles over 6.5 hours, then Day 3 - go 72 miles, riding for 6 hours. That's some serious work!

2015 Cycle for the Cause - Route and Miles

Not withstanding that, the people who organized the ride and participated had great energy and sense of humor. For example, one day was "red dress" day - to follow on the red ribbon for HIV/AIDs. Many of the bikers did really wear red dresses - for example this team that dressed as Star Trek security officers! Plus they biked in these outfits all day!

Red Dress Day - Sept 2015

So many stories. So many inspirational people here. 

I was happy to share the event with my son who biked every mile. So energized of his commitment. I've decided to do a century ride - that's 100 miles in a day. Not sure where or when, but it's a good goal.

September 2015 - Teresa & Son

OK onto the numbers for the week. Let's just say pathetic. I had totally underestimated the issue of being with people who are burning off 4000+ cals a day - and needing to carb/sugar load. Every meal was calorific with little opportunity to custom order. For example breakfast was pancakes, cereal, bacon. Lunch - PB&J, cupcakes, cookies, granola bars...

The weekly summary below isn't too bad - but it doesn't include Saturday and Sunday on the road. 

And although I was feeling a bit sluggish when I did get into the club on Monday night. One of the staff there say me and said "...cute little butt!" Which totally made my day.

Thank you all!
Have a great day

Teresa Marie

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