Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whoopsie - Weekly Update

I have been absent minded in posting my weekly summaries - so here are a whole bunch!

New Habit: my typical lunch.
Greens and protein
Good news - last few weeks I have continued to go down in weight. Last week, I logged a 4 pound loss! My total average is tracking to just over 2#/week so that is great news. 

I had an odd train of thought the other day - a friend was rationalizing for me that my weight loss should slow down because I've already lost nearly 70 pounds. Well that might be true - then again, I'm still obese and have a long way to go. Should it really be slowing down at this point? I hope not.

My former weakness.
Buy and Eat the whole box!
My new trainer John said the plan is to work on the "whole body." Then he asked me what I wanted to work on. I laughed - as if working to give me great arm definition or 6 pack abs would even be noticeable right now. I asked him to get back to me on that in 2-3 months. 

Earlier this week I was able to wear Size 14 pants, a large blouse, and medium sized over-shirt! Whoo Hoo - that is awesome. It didn't matter to me that the overshirt was a thick acrylic better suited for fall - it fit!

Today at work they are having a birthday celebration - that means more sweets that I will gaze upon but not taste. Nope, not even one bite. 

OK here are the numbers for the past few weeks.

Thursday I weigh in and complete measurements for the midpoint in the "Be A Loser" program. Yeah! It's been an awesome journey! (Note - must get photo of John to post.)

Happy Days!

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