Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beautiful Day for a 10K !

Today was an exciting day - on the one hand because I did my first 10K, on the other hand because I reaffirmed my commitment to turning over a new leaf. 

The 10K was at the Morton Arboretum which is about 50 minutes from my house. The projections for the day included chilly temperatures and lots of rain. The thought of now going passed through my head many times - especially as everyone that was going with me backed out one by one.  Then it occurred to me that my desire to do this 10K was my choice, me decision, my goal, my journey. So I got up at dawn and got out to the site. I arrived early enough to eat my tofu/yogurt in the car :) I watched many people eagerly stretch out and prep for their run! Young, old, tall, short, lean, fat, and me - obese. Really what was I doing here - there was no way I was going to "run", all I wanted to do was finish. 

I started out walking as fast as I could, then something amazing happened. I decided to jog. Yes, jog as much as I could.  Why the H### not? I've lost weight, I've been training, I'm capable! I was jogging! The people along the pathway cheering were motivational. The other people who were alternating between fast walking and jogging were inspirational too. 

First 10K - Pre-start selfie :) Splits: 15:57, 14:11, 16:02

Splits: 16:57, 15:55, 15:55 Finishing Strong - 

My heart was pounding so fast! The disco tunes were blaring in my head. As I watched the time tick off between each successive mile and people passed me by. I started hoping that I wouldn't fall or not complete the track. Then I realized that it didn't matter - I knew I would finish. Finish a 10K which I would have never before even attempted. The ticking clock marking each mile was a metaphor for my life. I had to stop and snap a picture of each mile marker. It is my time to turn over a new leaf, to make good choices, to have the time of my life! 

This was a great finish to the week - numbers from last week provided below. I had a few really active days - followed by a few days filled with meetings (aka sitting on my a$$) I was able to lose one pound. Down is good!

Time to finish off my Sunday with a little cleaning and then prepping for what promises to be a very busy work week. 

Stepping up!

Teresa Marie

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