Monday, April 27, 2015

Just a Suggestion - Gardening

When it comes to gardening I can work all day and not complain. I can talk about it for hours and I'm happy to give you advice for your garden (when you ask.) A few weeks ago Five Season's Club asked for my advice. I'm happy to say they were pleased with the input and will be looking to update along the lines of some of my suggestions. 

What do you think?


Current Five Seasons West Entryway - Spring 2015


One potential design - shade garden

I put forward planting concepts for several areas. A bit of a longer term plan. Can't help it - sometimes I just see possibilities :)  Sort of like the club did with me! 

As far as my week went - let's just say I was INERT! 10K on Sunday, workout on Monday, then  after taking Tuesday as my day off, I proceeded to injure myself on Wednesday and have not exercised since. Still some pain and restricted movement. I'm sure MTM will push through that with me tonight. None-the-less, still lost two pounds for no good logical reason.

Have a great day - and if you like to garden, check out my garden Blog (link to the right) Teresa's Garden Song. 

Have a great day - time to get over to the club!

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