Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shaking my Chronic Aches and Pains

Today is a good day because I feel like I am finally shaking all my weight-induced aches and pains! Also I woke up this morning thinking how nice it is to be pain-free (OK maybe pain light) from my lingering Plantar fasciitis and bad hip. It makes me laugh that each workout I have with my trainer, he starts by saying something like "what hurts today?"

Have you ever mapped your aches and pains and assigned a potential cause? Below is my chart - I'm noticing now that I've left left knee off the list... sad little sign post of what carrying extra weight and being inert can impact. 

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful inflammation of tissue from the bottom the heel bone and extending along the sole of the foot towards the toes. I have had this for YEARS on and off. Lucky me - one of 10% of the population that will experience this over their lifetime.

My doctor told me that this condition commonly associated with long periods of weight bearing. The x-ray of my foot years ago clearly showed a large bony mass extending from my heel. He was amazed that I had waited so long to come into see someone! I guess I have a high pain threshold and a lack of interest in seeing doctors.

So not surprising I first experienced this when I was pregnant - and gained 40 pounds on an already large body. Just one of the implications of a super high body mass index. My pain on the underside of the heel was often so intense after resting that I would spend several minutes stretching before getting up.  Worse yet I became more sedentary. I went three years with only wearing tennis shoes with custom orthotics and doing several small stretches too (but you know I didn't do that regularly!). 

At the same time I had a chronic pain in my hip. Not sure of the source but perhaps related to my posture. Because of this pain and other stiffness - I just used it as an excuse to not move at all, which complicated my pain and health issues. Sometimes I would even have to have cortisone injections into my heel, which while it helped immensely, it's not something I'd wish on my worst enemy. More commonly I was taking Tylenol, Aleve and other meds very regularly (daily) including the PM versions.

That's why getting up this morning without these two pain - is a sure sign that losing pounds and exercising really helps! 

These have been replaced with the discomfort from doing sit-ups, long walks, and other exercises AND that is totally different!  It's a damn I'm getting stronger feeling. I should only feel better and better as time goes on!

Even though it's a grey and rainy day, I'm feeling great! Be well and remember it's never too late to make healthy choices!

Teresa Marie

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