Saturday, April 4, 2015

Down is Good - Week 13

The word for this week was WORK - subtext juggling. 

Not unlike many people, I have weeks where it becomes incredibly challenging to achieve work-life balance.  My life tends to go in ebbs and flows of focus - two weeks life, three weeks work, two weeks life, 4 weeks work, etc.  So overall there is balance - but not necessarily at a given point in time.  The next few months will be WORK time - so I need to be even more diligent and mindful about my food choices. Also thinking about how to be more efficient in my workouts. 

This was not the week to say how great I was at making those choices, rather a week that reinforces that I need to double down with my program. 

Time to repurpose this tossed out tire
This week was the first time that I did my cardio outside - I love to go for long walks.  Great tunes - and it gets my heart going. Now that I have a heart rate monitor, I noticed that perhaps my pace outside is not on par with that on the treadmill. I'll need to monitor that going forward to make sure that I get the most out of my workout time. 

On a positive note, I did see this tire in the ditch and am going back to pick it up today (with my car :)  ) It will either become part of my/my girlfriends home gym, or a neighbors children's sandbox, or a planter. 

Post workout snack
I noticed this week, when many meals were eaten in the office or catered by work, that I did not get as many veggies in my diet. Nutrition suffered with higher carbs and fat than has been typical. My total calorie consumption was not much higher than 1200 cal/day - so I was hitting my target, yet the food mix was way off.  

My solution is going to be taking a salad and snacks into work.  For example, my go to snack is radishes. Nobody else in my family really likes these - but I can sit down and eat a whole package by myself. Filling and less than 50 calories. I don't have many food that I love that fit into that category.

OK onto the numbers for the week:

Teresa's New Leaf - Week 13

The best thing that happened this week was that the Five Seasons Club manager asked me about providing some input into updating part of their landscaping. A move from grass to something else. WHOO HOO - so excited about that. 

OK - time to go take a long walk and then start working in the yard. Old plants to pull out, fertilizer to spread, weed killer to put out... aka knee bends in action. 

Have a wonderful day!

Teresa Marie

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