Thursday, April 23, 2015

Indoor Skydiving!

Horseshoe Canyon Sunset - 2014
My daughter is a daredevil and a great inspiration for me.  Last year we went hiking in Arizona where we went to the edge of Horseshoe Canyon - the photo on the right. I was so nervous and scared; I hate heights. Just seeing her sit with her feet dangling over the side made me nauseous. 

What my daughter really wanted to do on this vacation was go horseback riding and/or skydiving. Neither of which would ever be on my bucket list. I could always fall back on the reason being that I did not meet the weight requirements set by the service providers. 

Well, having lose over 50 pounds - I can't use that logic anymore.  Hence - Mom took the leap of faith to have an adventure. This past week we went indoor skydiving in Chicago! 

Teresa Marie - Flying!
Indoor Skydiving - ifly Chicago

Can I use this to cross skydiving off my daughters bucket-list? Not sure, but my trainer says that when I'm ready to really jump out of a plane - he'll be there with me. I'll need that support!

Have a great day!

Teresa Marie

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